Vampire in the Sun: A love poem

Author’s note: To any of my old friends at Xanga:  Sorry if you’ve seen this before.  It was in my novel Tenement because it fit.  It was originally a love poem for my wife on her birthday and it embarrassed her and her friends didnt like it because they thought it was too dark.  I never thought it was dark but rather someone who loves so much it hurts.  Anyway, here it is.  It was inspired in part by Leonard Cohen’s Coming Back to You.

My love has wings, gossamer things elusive as the dawn

In a place where the sun shines once a year for an instant and is gone

Your words of doubt shred me like staples from a gun

And a part of my heart disintegrates like a vampire in the sun

Behind these cold assassin’s eyes burns a wall of living flame

That rages even hotter at the whisper of your name

So lock this with your treasures behind some teakwood door

Or tear it up in pieces and throw it out the door

I looked for you in everyone but i’d never be untrue

So I’ll sit here quietly waiting and you do what you will do.


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