Lights of Hong Kong

I feel the press of my dead children crowding close to me

And with each morning passing there’s one less day to see

Carson sings Feliz Navidad that was his favorite song

And the only comfort left now is that i dont have long


Sparkie worried about me when i was alone

Took care of me when i was sick and her mommy was long gone

I’d play an old guitar and she’d sing an old folk song

As we looked away in wonder at the lights of old Hong Kong


It’s not that i’m going anywhere, they’re coming back for me

If this is it then i dont care it’s with them i should be

My heart is barely beating and my breath is almost gone

But thru the shrouded window creeps the glow of my last dawn


They should all still be here when i’m dead and in the ground

But somehow it happened the other way around

It’s my reward for the arrogance of living much too long

Before i sail away across the bay to the lights of old Hong Kong


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