Waiting Room

Pregnant women and fucked up men

The waiting room is full again

Every day, every hour

I want to go home and take a shower


Psychopath and Borderline

End of day or end of time

Piss and Prolixin, Seroquil

They’ll be here with me until


One of them gasps and one of them dies

One of them moves, one of them cries

And I see the door and see the path

So I can go home and take a bath



Once I would have died for you, maybe I still would

Exiled and excommicated I wonder if I could

Take my lung or kidney or other body part

For ever since forever you’ve held my trembling heart


Make my heart prance like a stallion or flutter like a dove

But I think you never ever understood this kind of love

Explain it to be softly so that I would see

What reason did you have for jettisoning me