The Lizard

I’m talking to a lizard

Who dont know what she is

She thinks that she’s a wizard

Because of her relatives

The Earth is flat she says to me

And it’s gonna end next week

You’ll be struck dead over by that tree

There goes your lucky streak

Her friends come walking over

Here’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Einstein runs for cover

They all think he’s to blame

Now they’re busy hanging Darwin

Cain and Abel pull the rope

It’s Ezra Pound’s last bargain

T. S. Eliot’s smoking dope

They take away my codeine

And tell me i’m gonna hang

For being an old dope fiend

Before the church bells rang

I just did get away in time

With the help of Stagger Lee

Got my ticket and i’m line

The Titanic sails at three



Swale and hummock sere and brown

Walking home when the sun goes down

Provenanced in ash and grief

The heart recedes like an autumn leaf


Tomorrow’s always new they say

But tomorrow is yesterday

Contained therein an ashen glow

Of a Bang that happened long ago


Now there’s snow on the roof and the chimney’s cold

And the bones grasp the logic of growing old

But my shoes are tied and the treadmill’s on

And night’s resolution’s already gone


In the long summer morning

I will come for you

So that you will see in the silvered light

What you thought forever gone

Is it sunlight is it shadow?

Or just dappled light through the bracken?

You will see a face

It will be

A baby’s face

It will be

My face

It will be

The face

Of death

I am addressing you

And you will understand

This House

Snakes in the attic

Rats down below

My mind’s erratic

When the insects show


They get on my face

They get in my eyes

They want this place

To tell its lies


The walls are sweating

The draperies alive

This house is not forgetting

That here i cant survive


I wake up in a trash can

Cant live here any more

And i stumble across the grass

On my way to the liquor store


Some kind of war’s coming

There’s blood on the tracks

As my mind is going

And not coming back


Too old to remember,

Too tired to care

In an institution

But IDK where


These walls are talking

Screaming at me

You’d better start walking

When they cannot see


Outside is a river

Swollen with rain

God’s an indian giver

So flush me down the drain