Indiana. Sometimes NY.

Bio: I, a victim of divorce lived with my wife and her cats in an isolated farm. This narrows the world when you're in a scuzzy Indiana town 40 miles from the farm I used to own half of. I am a recluse, and the more narrow and cloistered the life the more exaggerated it becomes. And it can be an opportunity for art rather than mere self-absorption, although i'm as guilty of that as anyone. The image world is corrupt, so I try to paint a different one with words. I think we're all drawn to the idea of remoteness; somehow the remote seems beautiful and sacred. But why inflate pain that is already there? Maybe it's one of the last freedoms we're allowed, to sing like Cassandra. I'm a writer and I write here. It's a very basic blog. Not a lot of pictures or politics. Just good fiction. Those of you who know me from Xanga as ascultafili, dasfenster, greatskyriver, or he_and_she6, welcome and thanks for following. This blog will be just like those others.

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