The child’s the father of the man, the proper study of mankind is man

But the grapes of wrath are ruptured, death and poison in my hand

Your stiff head lies on the leaves, your bloodied forehead on the sand

But my brain is full of razors so I do not understand

There’s a canopy of starlight, sky graying in the east

Evil done’s the doing of a drowsy slouching beast

The sun will rise like always and render all this fresh

As flowers bloom like orchids and feed upon your flesh


The Devil, Jesus and Me

There’s voices in my head

That will never get out

Just when i think they’re dead

Is when they begin to shout


I see things all the time

That arent even there

They’re worse in the nighttime

Like a Satanic prayer


In the room is Jesus

But he wont look at me

His passion never seized us

But the devil’s the key


The more pills they give me

The crazier i get

They dont hear that you see

But i’m not dead just yet


They’re putting thoughts in my head

And i need a tin foil hat

I’m restrained in a bed

And here comes Jesus with a baseball bat

This House

Snakes in the attic

Rats down below

My mind’s erratic

When the insects show


They get on my face

They get in my eyes

They want this place

To tell its lies


The walls are sweating

The draperies alive

This house is not forgetting

That here i cant survive


I wake up in a trash can

Cant live here any more

And i stumble across the grass

On my way to the liquor store