Starving in the USA

I am dying, I am sick

My skin is yellow and my liver’s slick

For weeks I’ve been starving

My body’s vengeance carving

What is left of me

My face in the mirror looks like a wino’s, you see

Like a street addict I am filthy and sickly thin

Doesnt matter why, or matter where I’ve been

Will I know the claw that claims me?

Will I know dying before I know death?

The living carry death within, you see

The prescient foretaste of a bitter memory

But the dead are beyond death

Only the living have it on their breath


This House

Snakes in the attic

Rats down below

My mind’s erratic

When the insects show


They get on my face

They get in my eyes

They want this place

To tell its lies


The walls are sweating

The draperies alive

This house is not forgetting

That here i cant survive


I wake up in a trash can

Cant live here any more

And i stumble across the grass

On my way to the liquor store