The Earth is Flat in Indiana

Not too long ago I was talking to a friend of mine and .somehow we got onto the subject of science.  After a little pause he said to me that he’d found somebody who believed the Earth was flat.

You must mean a creationist who believes the Earth is 5,000 years old, i say.

No!  He says emphatically.  This guy believes the Earth is flat!

Was he just pulling your appendage?

No, he says, shaking his head.  This guy believes it because the world looks flat so it must be flat.  I just didnt know what to say to that.

Was he psychotic?

Not as far as I know.

Then dont engage him, I say.  The more attention he gets the worse he’ll get.

I promptly forgot about it until weeks later when someone else told me he knew a guy in his home town who seemed otherwise normal except he was convinced the world was flat, and there was a government conspiracy to cover it up.  Here are two people who dont know each other who have independently surmised that the Earth is flat.  I dont know if this a sign of the times or a commentary on how poor the education in this state is or what.  I just dont know.

Sometimes I listen to conversations going on behind me in the checkout line.  After hearing one I decided to never listen again.  This one may not seem as egregious as the flat earth but it is bad enough.

One of these hayseeds behind me said he wouldnt drink milk from the stores because he was worried it was spoiled and he might get food poisoning.  So he decided he was only going to drink milk right out of the cow because it was safer.  After all, he went on, there is “too much government inspection,” which, according to him, is the real problem.

Just in case nobody knows it, when milk comes out of the cow it is at its most dangerous.  Tuberculosis, Listeriosis, Salmonella, E. Coli, just to name a few.  That’s why they pasteurize it.  Heating milk below boiling for about half an hour kills all the bugs just waiting to maybe kill you.  Such things I learned in grade school so I guess I’m being naive about what adults should know.  At least here in what they call Kentuckiana.

And I dont know what else to say.  Sometimes I have to get on here and bitch and blow off steam when these things get to me.

Good Day.


Sunday in Scottsburg

There is a real criminal element in this town.  Not like the mob.  More like the hard core dopers in Breaking Bad.  Because this is a small town instead of a city there’s not the violence that was in that show and I have never felt at all threatened since I moved here, so it doesnt matter to me.  I first became aware of this after the drug bust in February of last year and when I listen to people talking in the stores around here I notice everybody has a daughter or son or parent or spouse that’s in the joint for dope charges.  I dont know why this town and not one a county over, but this place is what it is.

A few weeks back someone asked me when I was going to write another Dana story because he thought Dana was “epic.”  I didnt think anyone used that word in that sense anymore but I thanked him for the compliment.  And I told him there wouldnt be another Dana story because I was done with that bitch.

So of course a few days later an idea for a Dana story insisted itself into my mind, one that will never be written because of technical problems with it and because I dont feel up to it.  But the idea was that some time after Erik was forced into being transgendered by his bitchwife Dana, he finally gives up and leaves her.  A few years later he finds out he has breast cancer from the estrogens he had to take.  After a double mastectomy it spreads to his lungs and he only has a few weeks.  He doesnt want to die alone so he comes home to Dana and asks if he can come back and die at home.  Will she let him or not?  That’s the hook.

The problems with writing this are formidable.  I have many readers here at WordPress that didnt know me at Xanga, where all the Dana stories were written.  It would require flashbacks and I hate flashbacks because I dont like writing about events already written about and telling the story of what led him back to die with Dana that havent been written about.  Besides, it slows the story down.

It’s intriguing though.  All the stories have been about Dana.  Flamboyant, outrageous, larger than life, crazy as a shithouse rat.  Erik has always been just a narrator that talks about what it’s like to live with her.  And how he cant live without her.  But this one is about Erik.  Erik, Living and Dying, I would call it.  But I feel too sick to write anything as chalenging as that.

But I’ll feel better tomorrow.  That’s when I can get my pain medicine refilled.  When I take some life really doesnt feel so bad.  But Dana is in the past and will stay there.