Waiting Room

Pregnant women and fucked up men

The waiting room is full again

Every day, every hour

I want to go home and take a shower


Psychopath and Borderline

End of day or end of time

Piss and Prolixin, Seroquil

They’ll be here with me until


One of them gasps and one of them dies

One of them moves, one of them cries

And I see the door and see the path

So I can go home and take a bath


Once I would have died for you, maybe I still would

Exiled and excommicated I wonder if I could

Take my lung or kidney or other body part

For ever since forever you’ve held my trembling heart


Make my heart prance like a stallion or flutter like a dove

But I think you never ever understood this kind of love

Explain it to be softly so that I would see

What reason did you have for jettisoning me


When the sun came up in the middle of the night

White sands melted and flowed out of sight

And as time flits by on wings of broken crepe

A glassy crater that is forever rules this sandscape


Orange hair in a white house

I’m afraid to go outside

The cat just killed Mickey Mouse

There’s nowhere left to hide


Life’s hard in the midwest

Your neighbors turn you in

Like being under house arrest

Beginning of the end


They revoked my passport

My green card blew away

I cant go to the airport

Or even the driveway


But the ICE trucks are coming

They’ll be going door to door

In the back yard i start running

Cant come back here anymore


To Syria i’ll have to go

A place i’ve never been

They’re full up at Guantanamo

And then it all starts again

The Zombies of Austin

In Austin there are zombies

That roam the fields at night

They eat up big salamis

And shoot up out of sight


In the park they got needles

Somebody’s used before

With microscopic evils

You dont see anymore


The whores down from Columbus

Service the walking dead

A zombie’s an encumbrance

But the hookers give them head


In the moonlight there is thunder

Megatons from space

Administrative blunder

A nuclear embrace


Mushrooms bloom in Austin

Detonation was at five

The zombies are lost when

The narks are burned alive


In Austin there is fallout

Radiation boils the ground

And the nuclear police are out

But no zombies are around







Trapped in an alley, i couldnt run

Facing down a man with a cross and a gun

His face was blue

He said my name is Lou and it’s my sacred duty to kill you


His eyes twitched around, the gun fell to the ground

He threw the cross in the sewer

And before i could run he said

I’m a talker not a doer


Then his face turned bluer

As he fell to the sewer

He hit his head and was still

His dead eyes on the man he would kill


It started raining here where nobody had seen

No camera recording this thing from a dream

And i just wanted to go home

Lights of Hong Kong

I feel the press of my dead children crowding close to me

And with each morning passing there’s one less day to see

Carson sings Feliz Navidad that was his favorite song

And the only comfort left now is that i dont have long


Sparkie worried about me when i was alone

Took care of me when i was sick and her mommy was long gone

I’d play an old guitar and she’d sing an old folk song

As we looked away in wonder at the lights of old Hong Kong


It’s not that i’m going anywhere, they’re coming back for me

If this is it then i dont care it’s with them i should be

My heart is barely beating and my breath is almost gone

But thru the shrouded window creeps the glow of my last dawn


They should all still be here when i’m dead and in the ground

But somehow it happened the other way around

It’s my reward for the arrogance of living much too long

Before i sail away across the bay to the lights of old Hong Kong